Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Deal...or No Deal

On my way home from class today, I walked past what I think may have been a "significant" drug deal. I say this for several reasons - first, the two guys were in a secluded gravel parking lot, next to the train tracks behind a building that people rarely go to; also, most deals that happen in our neighborhood occur out in the open - no secrets in Glenwood. It's not just that they were chillin in the parking lot, there was an obvious "trading of goods" going on.

The small deals don't really catch my eye anymore...they're pretty routine (as sad as that is...). The thing that really struck me this time is that I thought about calling the police, then quickly convinced myself not to. See, the two men definitely saw me look at them, and I feel pretty sure I know who one of them is. I rarely feel scared in my neighborhood, but today, I thought about what would happen if the police did arrive just minutes after our exchange of looks. The man definitely knows where I live, and while I don't have any reason to think that he would do anything, I still wonder. And, I mean, why shouldn't I call the police? Drugs are illegal, right? Drugs are the thing that are ruining so many of my neighbors' lives, aren't they?

Still, no calls to the police today. Instead, a prayer for the two men involved in the trade, and for clarity as to what to do in future situations of this nature.

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