Monday, January 05, 2009


I’ve lived in Glenwood for four and a half years now. I know domestic violence happens here. I’ve heard about it. I’ve heard it. I’ve seen the effects of it.

Tonight, I saw it.

As I rounded the corner of Union Street and Silver Avenue, a man punched a woman in the head, knocking her to the ground. He then continued to threaten her. Less than a minute later, they were both getting back in their car, pulling away.

I wanted to get out and help her. But, fear of getting hurt myself kept me in my car. I pulled over and called the police, keeping an eye on them the whole time. Of course, the couple left long before the police even started their cars.

As I pulled away, fury set in. I wish I had gotten out of the car. Screamed. Yelled. Fought. Done something to help her. I don’t care if I would have been hurt.

In the end, I know the “smart” decision was to stay in the car. But at this moment, I regret it.

I hope she's alright when they get home.


Sleepless in Greensboro said...

Dayna, I feel your fury. I feel the same way when I see one of the ladies we know get into a random car, or when I see random cars circling the neighborhood looking for one the girls. It makes me so mad and sad at the same time. Glad you're blogging!

Freestyle Theologian said...

Sounds like the Good Samaratin dilemma... We are so often taught to mind our business, and play it safe. And it is usually the Church folks who have taught us to do so. Yet Love demands Risk, and it will include our security and comfort. I live in the hood as well, but I know I have not always done what I have needed to.
I am touched by a friend of mine, who at one time in his life actually took a bullet in the leg standing up for a stranger who was being jumped. At the end of the Good Samaritan parable Jesus tells his listeners to "go and do likewise". What a mandate!